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The Power of Lemon Water

Published on January 10, 2022

You already know that hydration is key when it comes to overall health and weight loss. But did you know that lemon water has many health benefits that extend further than just it's vitamin C content and delicious taste? Keep reading to explore the health benefits of lemon water and a few reasons why you should start your day with this drink instead of your usual cup of coffee.


Lemon Water Supports Digestion

Drinking a warm glass of lemon water supports digestion and helps with the detoxification of toxins from the body. Lemons contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that rid the digestive tract of toxins and can help with heartburn, indigestion and bloating after meals.


Lemon Water Balances Your pH

Drinking lemon water regularly helps to balance your pH and create an internal alkaline environment. If your body is too acidic, you may experience headaches, water retention, insomnia and other bothersome symptoms. Although lemons taste acidic, their byproducts are alkaline after digestion occurs. If your diet is rich in acidic foods such as meat and poultry, coffee, alcohol and excess grains, consider supplementing with lemon water today!


Lemon Water Strengthens Your Immune System

One major factor that affects immune function is stress. If you suffer from chronic stress, consider lemon water (along with supplements and lifestyle modifications) to strengthen your immune system. Lemons contain potassium which helps control blood pressure and they also contain vitamin C which helps fight colds and flus. Feel free to add some honey to your lemon water to make it more palatable.


Lemon Water Restores Skin Health

The high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants in lemons helps decrease blemishes and wrinkles all while leaving your skin feeling fresher and healthier-looking. Our skin benefits from adequate hydration so be sure to drink your 8 glasses (or 2 liters) of water daily to optimize your glow from the inside out!


Lemon Water Aids in Weight Loss

Although lemon water does not cause weight loss itself, it is a great replacement for high sugar juices or coffee with cream and sugar. Staying hydrated is so important for weight loss in order to boost metabolism and stimulate digestion. Lemon water also acts as a natural diuretic to help reduce bloating.


There are so many wonderful benefits to drinking lemon water daily so warm up a mug of water and squeeze some lemon in there today!


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