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Top 5 habits of highly healthy people

Published on July 06, 2022


“Why does she look and feel so good? I think I want what she is having!” After practicing in the healthcare world for over a decade and working 1 on 1 with thousands of clients, it is clear that there are certain health habits that are absolute,” game changers”. Once implemented, the health habits outlined below will quickly make a huge impact on health both physically and mentally



Tip #1 - Highly healthy people wake up early

If you wake up late and feel rushed in the morning, the rest of your day tends to continue in a similar hurried and stressed fashion. In order to set the proper tone for your day and to carve out some precious “me” time, I highly recommend waking up half an hour earlier than you normally do to walk, stretch, meditate or journal. By doing so, you will lower your stress levels and will begin your day in a much clearer and calm fashion. To make life in the morning even easier, pack your bags and lunch (and the lunch for your kids) the night before and lay out your clothes to wear for the next day!



Tip #2 - Highly healthy people do NOT eat refined carbohydrates or sugar  

There is no way around it, eating too many refined flours and sugars in the form of cereal, bread, cookies, granola bars and muffins results in a dramatic energy plunge and food fog. To make matters worse, refined flours and sugars also tend to trigger the over secretion of the hormone insulin which leads to excess fat storage in the abdominal region and intense sugar cravings.

Highly healthy people treat white refined sugar as a “toxin” and save it as a very occasional treat. Instead of white sugar, naturally sweet foods such as berries, apples, unsweetened apple sauce and mangos can be used in the morning in parfaits, smoothies and/ or for frozen deserts. Rather than refined flours,  whole grains can be consumed.

Tip #3 - Highly healthy people are active 3-5x per week

Highly healthy people keep moving! In order to keep your body mass index in a healthy zone, keep your hearts healthy and stress levels down, it is important to engage in cardiovascular and weight bearing activity 3-5x per week. Pick something you love (or try something new!) such as yoga, pilates, personal training or brisk walking. 

Tip #4 - Highly healthy people drink 2 litres of water daily

If you are feeling fatigued or bloated – simply add more water to your daily regime. Highly healthy people hydrate!  It does not matter if it is water or herbal tea – it is critical to ensure that your daily intake of hydrating fluids is 2 litres or higher.  For an extra “health boosting” tip, add freshly squeezed lemon or lime to your water for its natural astringent effect. For my favourite tumeric, lemon and ginger water, click here

Tip #5 - Highly healthy people make time for bliss and joy-

Let’s face it, life can get too busy and “cluttered” that we often forget to make time for play and joy. Highly healthy people realize the importance of taking a break and engaging in activities that allow them to “follow their bliss”. Whether it is going for a massage, being with friends or taking an art class – find something that makes you “lose track of time” and enjoy!

Commit to implementing these 5 tips for 7 days straight and you will notice a huge difference in your overall sense of physical and mental wellness!




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