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Published on October 20, 2010


There is a quote by nutritional pioneer Adele David that reads, “We are indeed much more than we eat, but what we eat can help us to become much more than whom we are.”I really could not agree more. When people lose weight, they feel better emotionally and physically and quickly become their best self. I love the world of weight loss - I really do. Getting to go to work at Shulman Weight Loss and help people lose the weight and get back to their best self is truly the best type of work I could ask for. This is why I was so thrilled when host of Cityline, Tracy Moore called me in late August to help her lose weight and get back to her original 144 pounds. " Joey, I am about to have a baby and I have gained a lot of weight – 57 pounds! I am going back on TV 6 weeks after I have my daughter, so I need a weight loss solution that works, is easy to follow and I can do with two little kids at home”. After meeting with Tracy and giving her the plan (keeping in mind she was breast feeding and needing adequate caloric intake for her and little baby Eva), she was about to embark on the road to success that all new, busy moms could relate to. Tracy’s plan would have the following principles in place:

I am happy to report that 9 weeks out, Tracy has lost 41 pounds and only has 16 more pounds to go! Whoha….I am so proud of her.  Tracy sticks to the plan most of the time, but is also honest with her viewers about her little bit of cheating here and there and the exercise she does commit to early every morning. If you would like to see a sample of Tracy’s 10 step plan, click here. To view a 7 day sample meal plan, click here. I will keep you posted on the results! Wishing you best health, Dr. Joey Shulman DC, registered nutritionist

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