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Published on February 02, 2018


When life gets busy and stressful, implementing mindful eating practices can help set you up to make better food choice, promotes weight loss, improve digestion and help you feel better overall.  Try these six simple steps for mindful eating and get on track to better health and well being!  

Eat with full awareness

  • Before you begin eating, tune into your body. How are you feeling right now? Rate your hunger level? It is also important to eat without any distractions!! Do you really feel satisfied after eating your snack or meal in your car, in front of the TV, standing at your kitchen counter or at the fridge door? Why not take a seat at your kitchen table and create a space that makes you feel good. Really take the time to enjoy your meal.

  Chew slowly

  • Eat until you are 70% full. You have to eat slowly to achieve this, so take your time when eating meals and snacks.  It takes 20 minutes for your body to tell your brain that it is full so make sure to always take your time with your meals.

  Change your focus

  • Make a list of reasons why health and feeling your best are important to you. What do you want to achieve? What is most important to you? How will choosing the best foods and eating what makes you feel your best help you achieve those goals.

  Nourish yourself in other ways

  • Think of other things that would nourish you after a stressful day, besides food. I.E., herbal teas, hot bath, yoga, meditation, relaxing essential oils, music, reading a great book, sitting outside for some fresh air. Make your list and add these things into your life. When you incorporate these things into your daily life, you will not feel like you need food to support you after a long day.

  Eat foods that make you feel good and listen to what your body wants

  • The fact is that most people are walking around with low energy levels most of the time. When dietary changes are made, energy levels improve quite quickly. Our bodies respond when we make the best food choices. We all know what foods make us feel our best. Focus on choosing foods that make you feel good and achieving your ideal weight will be an awesome side effect of those choices.

  Eat foods that are healthy and nutritious

  • Don't give in to eating foods that comfort us and are easily accessible - really take the time to think about your meals and what you will eat next. Have a plan for your day, pack a lunch and put some time and thought into your meals and snacks so you can really feel good about eating them (and feel even better afterwards - no bloating, stomach upsets or sugar cravings!)


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