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Published on November 23, 2010


I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!Recently I had a client join my clinic who was 35-40 pounds overweight. She was inactive, had an intense sugar tooth that was causing her to binge eat at night and also had a very high stress level due to work and family demands. When I gently asked her, “Why is this is the right time for you to lose the weight?” Her response was honest and blunt –“I am just so sick and tired of being sick and tired!” This lovely woman had reached her “breaking point” in terms of feeling lousy and was ready to take back control of her health. If you are like my client and are not feeling like your best self, I assure you, you can change this in a very short time. What I know for sure, is that the quality and quantity of food you consume daily can make it or break it in terms of mood, vitality, weight and health. When you're standing on the crossroads of health, you have a choice. My goal is to help take you pave a path of health incorporating food, supplements and lifestyle changes so YOU can be your very best physically, emotionally and even spiritually. To get started, simply try the four steps outlined below;

  1. Get regimented with your supplements and commit to taking them daily. I high recommend taking a mutli-vitamin, fish oil, green powder and vitamin D supplement for optimal health and wellness. Visit to learn more.
  2. Drink as much hydrating fluids as you can to lose weight and boost energy. In the wintertime, we do not tend towards cold water. In order to keep hydration high (which will also keep your skin looking its very best), switch to your favorite type of herbal tea. If you are interested in trying some super yummy teas (the flavor “forever nuts” tastes like candy!), visit
  3. When it comes to exercise, as the Nike ad states, “Just do it!”.  If you want a quick mood, energy and strength booster – start to lift weights 2-3 times per day. For quicker results, lift slightly heavier weights than you are used to at a slower pace.
  4. Take a sugar holiday. Cravings, mood swings, weight gain and fatigue are hard to balance and deal with when refined flours or sugars are on the scene. You do not have to give up naturally sweet foods altogether (i.e. fruits, homemade frozen popsicles, frozen fruits in a smoothie), rather, it is the added sugars found in cereals, granola bars, fruit bottom yogurts, pop, candy, cookies and other baked goods that are an issue.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, I assure you, simply implementing the steps above will have a hugely beneficial impact on your weight, mood and energy within a very short time! Do you have topics or recipes you would like me to blog about? If so, simply drop me a quick line at

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