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Grocery Store Essentials (to kickstart your health today)

Published on March 22, 2021


Grocery shopping can be overwhelming. Grocery shopping WITHOUT a list can be even more chaotic. Here's a general list of some of our favourite grocery store essentials that are made with whole foods, low in sodium and sugar and are great to keep on hand to make healthy choices for meals and snacks. Add some of these healthy grocery store essentials to your list this week to try out something new!


Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

  • Elmhurst nut milk and coffee creamers (dairy-free)
  • Silk almond milk (dairy-free)
  • Yoso coconut yogut (dairy-free)
  • Oikos Greek yogurt (plain)
  • Liberte Greek yogurt (plain)
  • Laughing Cow cheese
  • Light Babybel cheese
  • Goat's cheese


Bread, Pasta & Crackers

  • Stonemill sprouted grain bread
  • Silver Hills sprouted grain bread
  • La Tortilla Factory cauliflower wraps (grain-free)
  • Unnbun wraps (grain-free)
  • Live wraps (grain-free)
  • Ryvita crackers
  • Mary's crackers
  • O'Dough's bagels (gluten-free)
  • Chickapea pasta (grain-free)
  • Whole grain pasta


Coffee & Tea

  • Stash herbal tea
  • Matcha powder
  • Organic ground coffee
  • Celestial Seasonings Tea (they have so many great flavours)
  • David's Tea - great selection and fun to experiment with their herbal blends!


Pantry Items

  • Almond flour and coconut flour
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Ground flaxseeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Hemp hearts
  • Manuka honey
  • Pure maple syrup
  • Avocado mayonnaise
  • Cold-pressed olive oil or avocado oil
  • Olives
  • Brown rice
  • Canned chickpeas
  • Unsalted nuts - cashews, almonds, pistachios
  • Organic vegetable/chicken broth (no sodium added)
  • Nature's Path cereal
  • Grain-free granola (Inno Foods has a great one)
  • Steel cut oats
  • Protein powder - Sun Warrior, Vega or Genuine Health
  • Protein bars - Rx Bars, GoMacro Bars, TruBar, Genuine Health Bars


Keeping some of these healthy grocery store items on hand is a great way to ensure you have the tools to make healthy meals and snacks for yourself and your family. You'll find many of the above items in our recipes and recommendations.


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