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Published on November 05, 2010


We are all busy….sometimes too busy. Running around with the kids, trying to get errands done, hitting work deadlines etc.With the busy pace of life, we often forget to put ourselves on our own list. What happens? We slowly begin to lose energy, gain weight, emotionally eat and feel less then our best selves. The truth is, if you are that busy, you likely will stay that busy! You can’t get rid of your kids or quit your job, so it is time to find a little balance in your chaos. What do I mean by this? It’s time to plan ahead. Simi lair to any other new venture, in order to stay healthy, fit and energetic all you have to plan.Planning + Preparation + Implementation = Success!If you don’t think you can do it, or heaven forbid, you don’t have time – try me. Simply implement these 4 simple steps below for 1 week to see how you feel. I am betting woman, and I assure you, you will shift your health!

  1. Drink 8 hydrating drinks per day (herbal teas, water). Limit yourself to one coffee daily and opt for green tea. Green tea secretes an amino acid called l-theanine that helps you to feel calm and alert at the same time.
  1. Work out a minimum of 3x per week. Whether it is brisk walking, lifting weights or hitting the treadmill. As the Nike ad states, “Just do it!”
  1. Stop eating grain by 2pm. After 2pm stick to vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, nuts and seeds.
  1. Wake up 15 minutes before anyone else in your household to stretch, journal or meditate. It literally changes the flow of your entire day.

In addition, try to enjoy your chaos. When speaking with people in their 80s or 90s, they always recall how they loved the “busy times”. Long may it all last! If you have a topic you would like to see discussed, e-mail me at drjoey@drjoey.comI would love to hear from you!Joey

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