One year later – A note or appreciation

Hi Dr. Joey,

I reached my goal weight in Jan 2012. One year and a couple months later and I have kept the weight off! Even more importantly, as a result of your program and guidance, I now have control over my weight. If I do gain a few pounds, I can easily get back on track and drop those pounds with very little effort.

My initial goal back in the fall of 2011 was to get to a healthy weight by the time I turned 50. I am 6 months away from my 50th. I feel great, have a ton of energy, and love seeing the shock on peoples’ faces when I tell them that I will soon turn 50! I even had to show someone my ID last week because they couldn’t believe it.

It was just in the last couple months that I really recognized how much I have learned and changed since working with you. I recently had a short period when I wasn’t eating well and put on about 7 lbs. I went back to the way I was eating when I was seeing you and without any effort – those pounds came off. That is when I realized just how much control I have gained over my weight in a really peaceful and calm way.

Finally, I don’t have to stress out if I gain a bit of weight. I just have to take stock and get back on track. Because of what I have learned and experienced by working with you, I have 100% confidence that I will never gain back those extra pounds that I struggled with all my adult life.

Thanks again,

Kara, J.