Healthy weeknight dinner ideas

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Dr. Joey’s 4 energy boosting tips!

Feeling a little bit of the weather blahs? Dragging yourself out of bed and wanting a little more pep in your step? If so – try Dr. Joey’s 4 energy boosting tips that really work!

  1. Drink 2 litres of water per day. Add some energy boosting mint chlorophyll, vitamin C and vitamin D drops to your water daily. Click here for Dr. Joey’s power water recipe.
  2. Working at a desk job? You need to get up and move each hour to get the blood flowing and your energy up. Try to also engage in cardiovascular exercise (run, walk, swim) at least 3x per week.
  3. Drop all processed sugars and grains – they are energy zappers and are a one way ticket to belly fat storage! Stick to non GMO whole grains and naturally sweetened foods such as berries and oranges.
  4. Look at your sleep habits. For optimal sleep and restorative function – sleep in a completely dark room, do not have any electronics by your bed and sleep in a room that is on the cooler side.

How to beat the heat and stay hydrated

There is a lot to do when the weather is right and most of the time, we find ourselves spending as much time outdoors. Dehydration is very common, especially during these hot, summer days so keep yourself hydrated to stay healthy and safe! Continue reading

Summer food swaps for weight loss

Summer meals can often be loaded with heavy carbs, unhealthy fats and empty calories. Try some of these healthy food swaps for easy and delicious options without all the added calories! Continue reading

Healthy summer snacking

When it comes to weight loss, healthy snacking is a must! It is the most effective way to balance your blood sugars and keep you from grabbing the wrong foods.

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10 tips to maintain weight loss this summer

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6 best summer foods for weight loss

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Refreshing mocktails

As much are we all love this warm weather, the heat often leads to an increase in family BBQ’s and long days by the pool, which we all know can cause an increase in alcohol consumption. If you are looking to maintain weight loss this spring and summer, try these refreshing, fruity mocktails! The perfect way to enjoy a refreshing drink without all the added calories and sugar! Continue reading

Making the perfect smoothie

Looking to change up your smoothie routine? Follow our step-by-step guide to help you make the perfect spring smoothie loaded with all the right ingredients to give you a well balanced meal that tastes great! Continue reading