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February is heart health month!

Benefits of dark chocolate

Matcha Latte

Looking to boost your energy and metabolism? This delicious matcha latte is sure to do the trick!

Springtime smoothies

Spring is here! Smoothies are not only delicious – they are a great way to pack a ton of nutrition into one meal….so start blending today!  

Raspberry chia seed jam

Delicious homemade jam in under 5 minutes!

3 ingredient pancakes

These 3 ingredient pancakes are so simple to make and are absolutely delicious.


Raise your hand if you love to bake! Well I certainly do and with the weekend ahead of us, I have decided to share some of my favourite muffin recipes with you. Happy baking!

Dr. Joey’s detox smoothie

It is a smoothie time of year! For breakfast, lunch or dinner – this nutrient dense detox smoothie will fill you up, optimize digestion and help you burn fat.

Healthy Halloween Muffins!

Oh how we love pumpkins! Loaded with beta carotene, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals – pumpkins are low in fat and rich in nutrition.

1 minute apple sauce and flax muffin

My new favorite breakfast is a dairy free, grain free, high fiber muffin that takes less than one minute to make!